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Who or what is lapdog?

A band that dabbles in modern psychedelic bossa nova, indie songwriting, and unpredictable improvisational excursions;
no two shows are ever the same.

Emerging from the shallow depths of Salt Lake City comes Lapdog; a band combining the thing jingle jangle of indie rock with the deep dark depths of psychedelic space jazz. With a mixture of influences transforming into a thunderous improvisational live experience, you'll never know what you'll get at a show.

Band highlights include opening for bands such as Good Morning, Paul Cauthen, and Winona Forever, a month long residency at local venue 'the Garage,' and a boastful 4 hour set comprised of originals and covers.

Whether the show you see is a more composed music showcase, a chill journey through purple space, or a raging psychedelic meltdown, Lapdog is sure to impress as a fresh breath of creative air.

Much love 2 u 

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